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Our Partners

We help you create communication and learning campaigns to deliver positive change.

Whatever you need employees to do, we partner with you to prompt the actions that will have the greatest impact – to shape the moments that matter.

Drawing on approaches from behavioural science and advertising, we reinvent communication formats into campaigns that support real change.

Our experienced consultants partner with you to build insight into how to achieve the impact you need. We bring the digital and creative skills to identify, design and deliver solutions from comms campaigns to music videos, workshops to animated movies, interactive digital experiences or something else altogether.

Whatever your business needs, drop us a line to chat about how we can help.

Blue Goose is an award-winning internal communications agency.  We help organisations develop a culture they can be proud of, through effective employee engagement.

We use intelligent creativity to create memorable experiences that affect the awareness, attitude and behaviour of clients’ employees, helping to guarantee they feel inspired, informed, valued and connected.

Earshot Strategies is a podcast consultancy that works with major companies and organizations to ensure that they get the most from podcasts for internal and external communications.

Our highly experienced producers, trainers and marketing experts provide services from ‘idea to ear’ including:

  • Consultancy/Strategic Set-up, to plan a new podcast or update an existing series ensuring it has the maximum impact.
  • Training, to equip clients who want to produce or present podcasts with the skills they need to make effective and quality programmes.
  • Production, including research, scripting, recording, editing and mixing so that programmes meet the highest technical and editorial standards. 
  • Marketing and Promotion, to produce content and deploy communications tools ensuring podcasts reach their target audience.

Podcasts are at the forefront of effective communications. To make the most of this dynamic and effective tool contact us at

Firstup is the world’s first intelligent communication platform. More than 40 percent of Fortune 100 companies use our platform to connect with their people, design and deliver personalised communications, and gain engagement insights throughout the employee journey. With Firstup, employers can view engagement data in real time, by organisation, department, or employee. That helps leaders better understand their workforce, make informed decisions, and provide better experiences from hire to retire. Companies like Amazon, Tesco, Ford, and Hilton use Firstup every day to improve outcomes for their employees. 

Learn more at

Gallagher is a global internal communication agency. From transforming workplace cultures to championing the physical, emotional, career and financial wellbeing of employees, what we do is designed to elevate every aspect of the employee experience.

  •   Strategy, vision and values
  •   Diversity and inclusion
  •   Employee wellbeing
  •   Digital transformation
  •   Employee Value Proposition

Interact is enterprise-grade intranet software serving over 1,000 customers and millions of employees. Our mission is to inform and connect every organization’s greatest asset: its people. 

For more than 15 years, we have worked with leading organizations like Levi’s, Sony PlayStation, Indeed, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Domino’s to deliver outstanding intranet experiences. 

Please come and see us in the exhibition area so we can tell you a little more about how we can support you, so you can support your workforce to thrive.

LumApps aligns the modern enterprise workforce through better communication, engagement, organization and work. The company’s leading intranet and employee experience platform intelligently connect people, information and applications to deepen business relationships and grow institutional knowledge and productivity. Available across devices and languages, LumApps is an open, multi-tenant platform built for enterprise scale and flexibility. LumApps is counted on by over four million users spanning the world’s top enterprises, from Airbus to Zendesk.

Poppulo is the leading communications and workplace experience software company. The Poppulo Harmony platform helps enterprise organizations achieve more by effortlessly connecting their employees, customers, and workplaces through omnichannel employee communications, digital signage, and workplace management. Poppulo’s 6,000+ customer base is representative of the world’s most successful companies, including 47 of the Fortune 100.

For more information, visit Follow Poppulo on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Staffbase provides an internal communications platform to unite companies and their employees behind a common purpose.

Company communicators want a single place where they can reach and engage all employees across every channel. Employees want a simple and user friendly way to connect with their company no matter if they are desk, frontline, remote or distributed workers. We connect companies with their employees through a branded app, desktop browser, email, or chat, with the goal of establishing community and shared purpose at work.