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Enthuse your colleagues about the business and achieve your goals faster.

The days of Internal Communications being a ‘telling people stuff’ function are over – it’s a leadership skill and, when done well, it creates advocates within your business.

We know the power of effective communication; it shapes cultures and transforms business performance. Enthuse is a small team of award-winning experts who can help you to help your business achieve its goals – by harnessing the enthusiasm of your people.

Whether the challenge is about communicating change, improving performance and productivity, driving wellbeing, increasing colleague loyalty, giving a better customer service, or simply being more innovative as an organisation, the answer starts with engaging your people – and getting your communications right is where it all begins.

We’re there for you when you need us. We can help you out on a project for a defined time; get you up-and-running by setting up your first in-house communications team; provide regular mentoring and support to keep you, or a member of your team, on track; and we can also provide an ongoing outsourcing service.

We are internal communications and engagement specialists, working with business-to-business clients and house-hold names alike – from the places you shop, to the food you eat.

Make enthusiasm contagious in your business. Speak to us today – we’ll be the ones with the enthusiastic smiles on our faces!


Interact is a global enterprise software company that serves intranet software to over one million users across more than 800 organisations. Our mission is to inform and connect every organisation’s greatest asset: its people. We specialise in solving internal communication and employee engagement challenges by combining our sophisticated intranet software with outstanding professional services, focusing on developing long-term strategic partnerships with our customers.

Oak Intranet

We’re Oak — the team behind your team.

Oak Intranet is everything you’d expect from a modern-day intranet, but so much more. It’s powerful, yet simple; a ready-set-go, cloud-based social intranet, designed for the employee experience.

With a 23 year history in creating intranets for well-loved brands around the world, Oak empowers your teams with the tools they need to succeed, in one friendly interface. We’ve designed a clean, intuitive solution that allows you to set-up and launch your own intranet within a matter of days, without needing technical or design experience. Our personalised homepages let you utilise the apps you need to do your job, and lose the ones you don’t. Quickly tick off the daily tasks like holidays, expenses and complicated workflows all in one place, while our nifty social tools and mobile app keep your teams up to date in the office or on-the go wherever, whenever.

You’re the boss.


Poppulo is an internal communications platform built specifically for employee communications and bespoke consultancy solutions. Our core purpose is to help companies ensure their employees reach their top potential by releasing the power of their people. We are the only company in the world that develops software solutions dedicated to internal communications; to enable easy measurement and analytics of the impact of communications across multiple digital channels – email, intranet, video and enterprise social networks, through branded templates, relevant and targeted content, social features and embedded media.