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Glisser’s award-winning technology platform enables companies to power engaging event experiences for their customers, partners, investors and employees, in-person, online, and in-between. We offer both a ready-to-go event platform and a completely bespoke solution that lets you take control of the look and feel of your virtual events.

The world of work and events have changed forever – and the way you engage your employees and attendees needs to change too. Professionals are now participating in 7 video calls a day on average – how do you make your event stand out from the crowd?

Glisser goes beyond basic video and screen sharing tech, to create inspiring, high participation events of any size. Clients include KMPG, Pfizer, ASOS, Facebook, Jack Morton, Informa, CVS Health and many more.

With Glisser Elements you get our award-winning platform distilled down to its purest form. Our new low-code software tools enable you to create truly bespoke virtual and hybrid event experiences embedded in your own website.



Vevox is a real-time polling and anonymous Q&A platform for employee engagement. Rated number 1 by our users across Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra, Vevox makes virtual and hybrid meetings unmissable by providing participants, wherever they are located, the opportunity to have an equal say. Participants can freely interact by using the Vevox App to answer polls or contribute to Q&A’s through their smartphones or laptops. Giving your staff a voice and hearing their feedback has never been easier.

What makes it so good? Vevox is the most intuitive employee engagement technology there is, with user friendly features, that have been fine-tuned in partnership with customers just like you. Vevox users say their hybrid comms meetings have been transformed. Getting started is quick and easy and the platform can run independently as a standalone tool, or seamlessly integrates with your existing meeting tech, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, PowerPoint and other technologies, offering a one-stop solution to running successful and engaging hybrid meetings. Make your meetings more interactive, democratic – and more fun!



WorkJam is the Digital Workplace solution industry leaders choose to orchestrate their frontline workforces – either as your frontline productivity platform or within your frontline employee solution. Deployed in over 42 languages and countries, WorkJam delivers total Workforce Orchestration through market-leading task management, shift management, survey, and micro learning tools. WorkJam is also loved by employees as they gain knowledge, flexibility and a digital relationship created through the platform. Companies running on WorkJam achieve breakthrough cost-savings, productivity increases, and optimal labor utilization while motivating and engaging their non-desk workforce with an average ROI of 410%.

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Workplace is a communication tool that connects everyone in your company using familiar features like Groups, Chat, Rooms and live video broadcasting. It integrates with the business tools you already use to provide a simple, secure and more productive way for people to share knowledge, work together and build community.