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New Insights To Empower Employees & Produce Engaged, Productive & Motivated Teams That Drive Business Performance 

Hybrid Working • Digital Tools & Technologies • Company Culture • Employee Engagement & Experience • Health & Wellbeing • Attract & Retain New Talent • The Strategic Role Of IC • Channels & Content • Measurement & Buy-In • Diversity, Inclusion, Equality & Belonging • The Future Of The Workplace & IC
31 Speakers. 1 Day. 25th January 2023, The Manchester United Football Club

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Toni Jackson, UK Head of Internal Communications, Arla Foods

Emma Bridge, Associate Director of Communications & Events (Interim), University of Leicester

09.20 Guarantee Ultimate Engagement & Productivity With Internal Comms Strategies That Respond To Changing Employee Expectations & Demands For Flexible & Hybrid Working Models

  • How have hybrid ways of working transformed business models and the need for multi-channel internal communication strategies?
  • Create a seamless hybrid experience that caters to everyone’s expectations and needs with a solid and cohesive company culture that unites remote, hard-to-reach, and office workers
  • Equip your workforce with the best tools and techniques to respond to the diverse new ways of working in order to retain a crucial sense of belonging and collaboration
  • How do you strike the right balance between the needs of the business and the needs of the employee?
  • What does the future of the workplace look like for IC, and how can you turn the office environment into a space which encompasses social connection and interaction which you can’t replicate home

Christine Glover, Head of Communications, Nottingham Trent University

Alice Oliver, Head of Internal Communications, University of Derby

Marit Meyer-Bell, Head of Corporate Communications, Travis Perkins plc

09.50 Leverage The Latest Trends & Innovations In Digital Technologies To Future-Proof Your IC Strategies, Revolutionise Effective Communications & Maximise Engagement

  • Zoom, Slack, Teams, Yammer… determine exactly how your employees interact and engage to decipher where different channels, platforms and touchpoints can provide the best experience and support
  • Seamlessly integrate revolutionised digital strategies which capitalise on technological innovation to deliver better and targeted internal comms and employee experiences
  • How can you ensure you don’t lose the human touch when maximising new digital tools and technologies to communicate with an increasingly dispersed workforce?

10.10 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner  

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.10 Showcase Real Results By Developing & Embedding A Progressive, Inclusive & Open Culture Which Reconnects Employees & Promotes Valued & Authentic Employee Connection

  • Cultivate an engaged and enthusiastic workforce at all levels with organisational structures and IC strategies that prioritise inclusivity, honesty, and openness and as core business values
  • Create robust, supportive, and effective communication strategies that inspire and engage employees even through times of uncertainty, change and disruption
  • Generate an enterprise-wide culture that instils positivity, resilience, and collaboration to boost colleague engagement and make sure employees feel valued and informed
  • Culture surveys and measuring effectiveness! Examine the best ways you can monitor, and health check your organisations culture to make sure progress is being made and validate your efforts

Andrea Tarpey, Head of Communications & Colleague Engagement, N Brown Group

11.30 Empower & Inspire Your Workforce With Innovative & High-Impact Internal Comms Strategies Which Boost Productivity & Secure Sky-High, Measurable & Tangible Engagement Levels

  • Champion employees by establishing people-centric strategies which tap into the employee voice to create authentic and empowering internal communications which drive real business performance
  • Create a practical engagement toolkit that filters messages for relevancy, frequency, and timing to secure boosted employee engagement
  • Align employee engagement with your organisation’s strategic goals to deliver messages effectively whilst striking the balance with ever-changing employee expectations and needs
  • Incentivise employees with the right tools, technologies, and agency to establish independence at all levels and ultimately boost retention

Alyson Davis, Internal Communications Lead, BT

Camilla Manistre, Head of Internal Communications, Coutts

Matthew Knowles, Head of Employee Communications, Thames Water

Lauren Bull, Internal Communications Manager (Retail), British Heart Foundation

Helen Bradbury, Director of Organisational Development, Internal Communications & Engagement, E.ON UK

Claire Cyprien, Head of Communications, Engagement & Events, Operational Delivery Profession, Civil Service (HMRC)

12.00 Measuring the immeasurable: proving ROI on your culture challenges

  • Looking at one of the hardest things to do effectively in employee engagement – ‘measurement’
  • How this is particularly problematic for ‘culture’ challenges – EVPS; Values; Strategy; Purpose
  • How we prove messages have been received, understood, integrated and acted upon
  • Looked at in relation to more straight-forward ‘behaviour change’ challenges
  • Considered in the context of planning more generally, and the general ‘feedback’ cycle of annual and pulse surveys 

 Ben Watson, Managing Director, Blue Goose

12.15 Raise Awareness & Prioritise Employee Health & Wellbeing With Human-Centric Initiatives Which Provide Support, Encourage Open Conversations & Can Adapt & Evolve To Changing Employee Needs

  • Prioritise employee health and wellbeing to optimise the employee experience and drive effective internal comms strategies with truly engaged and productive teams
  • Instil confidence and motivate employees with supportive IC strategies that are empathetic yet effective to build corporate reputation
  • Ensure your internal comms strategies are cohesive across hybrid models of working to reach all employees, maximise engagement and reignite employee connection
  • Nurture a supportive organisational culture to develop trust and encourage your workforce to discuss their mental health and wellbeing

Lisa Thomson, Director of Communication & Charity, University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust



12.35 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.50 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Kevin Johnson, Head of Internal Communications, HS2 (High Speed Two) Ltd



Emma Duke, Head of Communications, Formerly Oxford University Press


14.00 Develop, Support & Retain Top Talent With Fresh & Innovative Comms Strategies Which Attract A Highly-Skilled & Productive Workforce

  • Attract, engage, and retain top-level talent with innovative communication strategies that draw in the best candidates and build a diverse and skilled workforce
  • Showcase your corporate values as an authentic and supportive employer that prioritises the employee experience to stay ahead of an increasingly competitive market
  • Cultivate a strong ethos of belonging and align organisational values with streamlined communication strategies to motivate and engage employees

James Makepeace, Transformation Executive, Bristol Futures Programme, Rolls-Royce

14.20 Secure IC As A Strategic & Valuable Business Function That Can Deliver Tangible Results & Drive Business Performance To Ensure C-Suite & Employee Buy-In

  • Position secured? Power momentum and continue to secure a seat at the top table by emphasising and proving the continued important of IC as a critical business function
  • Continue to foster relationships with senior leaders to retain your position and cement IC as a trusted business partner  
  • As the workforce continues to evolve, how much should internal comms, external comms, marketing and HR functions work together to create a seamless and integrated strategy?

David Cooke, Permanent Secretary Leadership Communications & Engagement Lead, Home Office



David Keel, Head of Communications, Allianz Insurance plc



Jessie Perryman, Deputy Head of Communications and Policy Secretariat, UK Ministry of Defence



Joe McMann, Head of Strategy & Planning- Corporate Affairs, Virgin Media O2



Sarah Binnie, Head of Communications, Natwest Group

14.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

15.50 Cut Through The Noise & Guarantee Improved Engagement With Personalised, Creative & Tailored Content & An Innovative Multi-Channel Mix Which Effectively Reaches & Engages Employees

  • Leverage employee listening tools in order to truly understand employee values and expectations today to provide sophisticated and tailored communications which boost overall productivity and engagement without overcomplicating your mix!
  • Ensure critical messages stick by utilising the right channel, with the right tone and message, at the right time
  • In today’s hybrid work environment, ensure the right balance between digitally dominated communication channels, and face-to-face communications is met

15.50 Perspective One

David Taylor, Head of Internal Communications & Engagement, BrewDog

16.10 Perspective Two

Gerrard Hartland, Deputy Head of Internal Communications,
NHS Blood & Transplant

16.30 Measure Impact & Showcase Success! Examine Effective Measurement Techniques & Tools To Benchmark Performance & Demonstrate ROI & Prove Efforts To Secure Buy-In & Ignite Real Change

  • What benchmarks are most beneficial for assessing the success and performance of your IC strategies, and how can the results of these be translated effectively into improved employee experience?
  • Set effective measurement KPIs and benchmarks in order to measure and evaluate success and determine ROI
  • Utilise key insights from direct employee feedback, reviews, satisfaction rates, and employee listening tools to develop innovative strategies that secure and improve staff retention rates and secure boosted engagement levels

Michael Kissman, Head of Colleague Communications, Marks & Spencer

16.50 Embed D&I Into The Heart Of Your IC Strategies To Champion Diversity, Empower Inclusivity & Cultivate A Real Sense Of Belonging For All Employees

  • Develop an organisational culture that promotes authenticity, openness, and inclusivity to ensure all employees feel supported and valued
  • Best-practice advice on how to engage the C-suite and senior leadership to drive practical action and sustain long-term support for your initiatives
  • Firmly cement diversity, inclusion, equality and belonging into your IC strategies to enable colleagues to bring their whole selves to work

Dilly Lidder, Head of Internal Communication, Europe, AECOM

17.10 What’s Next? Ensure Your Organisation Is Primed For The Future With Forward-Looking Internal Communication Strategies Which Effectively Engage Employees & Prepare For The Unexpected

  • Employ lessons learnt from COVID-19 to refresh and reignite internal communication frameworks and adapt to new ways of working
  • What is next on the horizon for IC and how can organisations adapt and align communication strategies to keep up with the latest trends in 2023 and beyond?
  • In the new flexible and hybrid workforce, how can organisations make sure technological solutions complement the needs of employees and business objectives with suitable channel mixes and IC comms strategies?

Kirsten Wilson, Head of Insight Communications & Involvement, NHS

Fran Dodd, Internal Communications Content Lead, British Heart Foundation

Anna Mannix, Head of Internal Communications, The Very Group

Nicky Hughes, Communications Director, Wales & Western, Network Rail

Alyson Fadil, Chief People Officer, N Brown Group

17.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference