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34 Internal Communication Directors Confirmed To Present In Just One Day. For Group Discount Prices, Please Call + 44 (0) 203 479 2299. 

Engage, Empower & Connect In Times Of Rapid Change, Disruption & Uncertainty With
Strategic, Engaging Internal Communications With Real Impact
Transforming IC Strategies To Skyrocket Engagement, Optimise Digital, Social & Channel Trends, Connect Remote Workers, Build Culture, Plan For Crisis & Position IC As A Business-Critical, Strategic Function Which Boosts Bottom-Line Impact.

A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Virtual Event, 19th January 2021, The Lowry Hotel, Central Manchester.

08.30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remark

Adrian Cox, Global Head of Communications, Deutsche Bank International Private Bank



Andrew Whyte, Director of Communications, Financial Conduct Authority


09.10 Keep Remote Workers Engaged & Connected: Overcome Communication Barriers, Maximise Digital & Keep Connected With Home & Remote Workers For Ultimate Engagement & Productivity 

  • Establish a robust internal comms framework which reaches, motivates and engages employees to prevent disconnection from the wider business
  • As homeworking becomes the new ‘normal’, ensure your organisation is seamlessly adapting to support workers and maintains a strong company culture to boost productivity
  • With remote working relying on trust, combine the right tech, comms and engagement strategies to build a strong, open and transparent relationship
  • Connecting with the (digitally) unconnected: how to build an internal comms strategy that reaches frontline, remote and hard-to-reach workers

Matthew Knowles, Head of Employee Communications, Thames Water


09.30 Optimise The Digital, Social & Technology Trends Revolutionising The Digital Workplace To Ensure High-Impact, Humanised Engagement, Efficiencies & Results

  • Workplace, Teams, Yammer, Zoom, Skype… assess, review and determine which platforms are right for your organisation and people
  • Seamlessly integrate digital into your internal comms strategies to ensure all channels are connected and align with wider business objectives and outcomes
  • Don’t lose the human touch! How can you best utilise virtual tools and technologies to replicate and recreate the physical, connected environment?
  • Equip employees with the skills they need to make the most out of digital and examine the different etiquettes required for the new digital workplace

Dominic Carey, Colleague Engagement & Experience Manager, Great Western Railway



Matt Good, Communications Manager, Lloyds Banking Group



Ekaterina Stupina, Global Finance, Digital & Information Communications Manager, British American Tobacco plc.



10.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


10.15 Engage, Motivate & Unite During Unprecedented Times With An Impactful, Focussed & Inspiring Internal Communications Strategy

  • Change, disruption, uncertainty… how can you recover and rebuild an authentic, impactful comms strategy which boosts productivity and fosters a sense of belonging?
  • Tackle the commercial imperatives of employee engagement and experience to ensure a connected workforce
  • Better together! Establish a line of sight between individual roles and the company’s collective vision to truly (re)build employee purpose and commitment

Matt Cooper, Head of Internal Communications & Engagement, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 



10.35 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.05 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


11.35 Position Secured? Prove & Cement Internal Communications As A Trusted, Critical Business Function Aligned With Wider Business Goals Now & In The Future

  • IC has proved itself vital throughout COVID-19, but how can you ensure the function retains a seat at the table in the future?
  • Not just a function for crisis… prove the value of IC by evidencing the positive long-term impact on employee culture, retention and productivity
  • Ensure you continue to foster relationships with senior leaders to retain your position at a strategic level
  • Teamwork makes the dream work: how much should external comms, marketing and HR functions feed in to create a successful, integrated strategy?
  • What does 2021 and beyond hold for internal comms? Navigate the next phase and explore the changing role of internal communications as it gains strategic influence

Catherine Morris, Group Head of Internal Communications (Engagement & Change), Home Office



George Kenning, Head of Personal Banking Communications, NatWest Group



Matthew Pittam, Head of Internal Communication, ScottishPower



Jody Lewis, Head of Internal Communications, Lloyds Banking Group

Penny Richards, Head of Internal Communications, NHS Digital



Helen Hartley, Head of Internal Communications, NHS Digital



Lisa Hannah, Head of Barclays UK Employee Communications, Barclays



Laura Jamieson, Head of Internal Communications, British Transport Police


12.05 Maximise Senior Leadership & Stakeholder Buy-In & Secure Investment By Demonstrating Rock-Solid Results & Business Cases For Strong Business-Aligned Internal Comms Strategies

  • Clearly communicate a strategic business case which aligns with leadership behaviours and break down corporate barriers to secure continued investment and early executive buy-in
  • Avoid investment silos! Optimise the right measurement tools which tick the right boxes for senior executives and demonstrate ROI
  • Transform your strategies to ensure authentic messaging across different levels of leadership
  • Engage the disengaged! Drive employee connection across the business by encouraging open conversations between senior leaders and employees

Sneh Barker, People Partner, Rolls-Royce


12.25 Enrich Employee Engagement & Reach With Diverse, Targeted & Innovative Communications Across Multiple Channels To Achieve Maximum Cut-Through

  • From implementation to channel adoption… streamline your channel comms strategy and listen to employee feedback to decrease the chances of resistance in the long-term
  • Listen to the needs of your employees to deliver streamlined communications without bombarding them for ultimate engagement and productivity
  • The human behind the webcam: get the balance right between digital success without losing the human touch

George Kenning, Head of Personal Banking Communications, NatWest Group



12.45    Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.25    Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Line Manager Comms Note 

Matt Good, Communications Manager, Lloyds Banking Group



B) Budgets

C) Agile

D) Video

E) Social Media

13.45 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Adrian Cox, Global Head of Communications, Deutsche Bank International Private Bank



Andrew Whyte, Director of Communications, Financial Conduct Authority


13.55 Raise Awareness, Reconnect Employees & Provide Health & Wellbeing Support To Encourage Open Conversations & Reignite Company Culture

  • Replace the ‘watercooler’ atmosphere: when face-to-face engagement and social interaction isn’t possible, how can other platforms be used to promote employee connection and wellbeing?
  • Nurture a supportive organisational culture to develop trust and communication to empower your staff to come forward and discuss their mental health and wellbeing
  • In times of uncertainty and change, keep your employees connected to your organisation’s vision and culture by fostering a culture of trust and transparency

Kate McFerran, Director of Communications, LNER



Stephanie Jones, Head of Communications, Natures Way Foods



Carol Brown, Communication & Engagement, Studio Retail Limited



Nazaneen Challawala-Hatimi, Head of Leadership Communications, UK & Europe, General Insurance, AIG

Ann Hood, Head of Internal Communications & CSR, Aegon UK



Emma Henderson, Head of Employee Communications, Siemens Plc



Anne-Marie Griffiths, Head of Internal Comms & Engagement, DHL



Richard Stanbury, Head of Employee Relations, Direct Line Group


14.25 Maximise Effective Measurement Tools & Techniques To Showcase The Success Of Your Internal Comms Strategies & Refine Strategies To Ignite Real Change

  • Listen and respond! Harness employee listening and funnel employee feedback into the business by effectively analysing your comms strategies with right tools and metrics
  • Build a proactive measurement process to ensure your insights are accurate, up-to-date and drive improvements
  • Take advantage of the digital workplace: how to track, measure and monitor impact to give you the numbers you need to take into the boardroom

Rachel Tolhurst, Head of Corporate Communications, Amey



14.45 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


15.20 Change, Disruption & Uncertainty – Lessons Learnt From COVID-19: The Impact On Internal Communications & How Can We Use This Experience To Future-Proof Strategies & Bolster Business Resiliency?

  • When crisis hits! Explore challenges faced, overcome and lessons learnt from COVID-19 and how we can build resilient strategies now to help with future crises
  • From furloughed employees, frontline workers and those working from home, how can you continue to keep employees informed, safe and productive throughout disruption?
  • Back to business needn’t mean back to old habits! Use moments of uncertainty to drive innovation in the business and implement a new, positive culture in the aftermath of change

Alyson Davis, Colleague Engagement & Communications Manager, Boots UK



Joanna Newark, Senior Director, Global Communications, Avon



Donna Lloyd, Head of Communication Business Partners, Airbus Commercial



Louise Fernley, Communications Director for Europe, AB InBev





15.50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Ben Wilkie, Head of Internal Communications, Royal Mail Group



Paul Wheeler, UKI Corporate Communications Director & European Media Strategy Director, Kellogg's



Kyla Lacey-Davidson, Head of Internal Engagement & Comms, Stroke Association



Matthew Knowles, Head of Employee Communications, Thames Water


16.20 Embrace Creativity In Your Content Strategies For Authentic Stories & A Truly Connected, Engaged Workforce

  • Guarantee sky-high engagement with creative content strategies which truly resonate with your workforce
  • Understand the importance of board-level buy-in and evaluation to build your storytelling strengths
  • In a world where ever more employees are remote, is user generated content key to staying connected to the organisation and its core values and culture?

16.20 Deborah Copeland, Head of Internal Communications, BT



16.40 Yvonne O’Hara, Head of Internal Communication, Metropolitan Police Service


17.00 Design A Transparent, Robust, Business-Critical Change Communications Strategy Which Engages Employees During Times Of Uncertainty

  • Cultivate resilient change strategies to foster increased productivity, creativity and empower your workforce
  • Remain agile and innovative in times of unprecedented change by establishing clear and consistent comms strategies which strengthen employee morale
  • Avoid change fatigue by preparing, shaping and encouraging a vision which will adapt to change with the right tools and skillsets

17.20 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference