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Create an exceptional, collaborative workplace experience with the simple communication and space management tools your team needs to stay connected, whether they’re at work, at home, or on the go. Founded in 2002, Appspace offers global solutions with offices in the US, UK, UAE, and Malaysia, plus remote experts in a dozen other countries. We provide support to thousands of customers that trust us to help them communicate with their teams and modernise their workplace experiences. We are proud to help nearly 3,000 customers and many of the Fortune 500 deliver a modern workplace experience, unify brand culture, and enhance communications across teams big and small.

Caburn Hope is a group of global award-winning communication experts, designers and strategists. Since 1993, we have been creating and delivering inspirational marketing-led Employee Communication campaigns for some of the most progressive brands in the world – companies who believe that inspired employees are more emotionally invested in the success of the business.

From strategy to digital, our specialists work with HR and Internal Comms teams to generate employee participation with their initiatives. Using the latest technology and insights, we decode your objectives and deliver inspired communication solutions to ensure employee engagement.

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At Powell Software, our mission is to connect organizations with employees through Powell 365, made up of two pillars:

Powell Intranet for Corporate Communications and Employee Engagement

Powell Teams to enhance Microsoft Teams with governance for IT and improved usage for end-users.

With Powell teams, take collaboration and governance to the next level with our ready-to-use and customizable teams templates. It already integrates your intranet to combine its power with Teams to bring even more employee engagement. Governance is also incorporated through a guided creation process.


Everyone consumes video. What if companies were easily creating content their employees want to consume most?

Sure, video is expensive – if you’re hiring a camera crew and editors with 20+ years experience at the BBC (spending your annual budget on three videos.). And video can be risky – if you don’t have an in-house studio team to keep production quality up and branding consistent (while imposing a bottleneck on communications).

The companies that win today are breaking with precedent. They empower their staff to communicate in video, using clever technology that ensures their brands’ shine, coupled with proper support from experts that teach their teams to excel at video storytelling, with unprecedented cost and time savings.

Wochit empowers any organization to create compelling on-brand video content in-house, with revolutionary ease on a massive scale. Our innovative cloud-based video storytelling suite is powerful enough for pros but easy for anyone to master—helping enterprises, nonprofits, and media organizations connect with their audience in new ways every day. Tap into our video strategy team for expert support and to make your mark in video.

“They kept saying to us, ‘Oh my gosh, we can make videos and do the rest of our job too.’ That is something that Wochit has given us. It allows one person to succeed in multiple roles. I have watched many people learn this system with zero past video experience, and it gives them something to be proud of –that can’t be undersold. Wochit allows people to add a new skill set to their resume.” – Nobel Prize-Winning NGO

Many of the world’s leading brands including LinkedIn, McKinsey, and PMI have already modernized their video operations with Wochit to drive business results.

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